Press Release Distribution Sites That Give DoFollow Links

We have done some research to find some free press release distribution sites, but we also had some additional criteria.  In this article we cover what makes a good press release, good sites to publish your press release on, consider publication in Google search and Google News, plus two of them give links which are do-follow!


Before we start we should discuss the purpose of press release distribution…

You will have heard people talk about PR, this could mean two different things that actually have a similar meaning!

In the marketing world PR can be short for ‘press release’ or ‘public relations’ confusing I know but there it is.

As this article is about press releases not public relations I will cover a brief definition of both before jumping into the main subject.

Public Relations refers to things that a company does to be seen as socially acceptable, this includes things such as raising money for charity.

Press Releases (the main point in question) is a document that is submitted to news outlets in an effort to get to get exposure.  As just mentioned if you are doing a public relations campaign you may use a press release to publicise it and help get partners.

But press releases also have a number of other uses such as new product and service launches or releasing the information that has the potential to benefit the business if you succeed in getting coverage.



You need to overcome barriers to entry

Notice that last word ‘coverage’ this can be very difficult and unless you have something worthwhile saying it can be nearly impossible.  Editors of newspapers and magazines are continually bombarded by people wanting their story published, you have to have something very worthwhile to say or be an excellent salesman to get anywhere near having the article featured.

On the flip side if you don’t do, you won’t get!  You will probably find that local newspapers and magazines may be easier targets, it is often better to contact them personally and individually.



What to look for

Especially when you’re new to the game you need to make sure that the press release you do is outstanding.

You need to look out for publications which are very local to you and niche relevant, if you sell car tyres don’t even think about contacting an old-age pensioner magazine, instead focus your efforts where your potential customers are. If you focus in the wrong place although it may seem cheaper the bang for the buck will be much smaller.

Additionally you need to make sure that the publications you are targeting are trusted, and easy check to perform is if they are listed in Google the some relevant terms.

The same applies if you are contacting press release sites, you need to be looking at websites that Google respects especially if there is a chance of being featured in Google News.



A list of press release sites to check out

Below we have listed some free press release sites which claim to publish in Google News.  Please note there is no guarantee that your press release will be featured anywhere, therefore you should put every effort into make sure that your article is outstanding.


Online PR News

PR Fire

Open PR


Whilst this isn’t a complete list it is some of our favourites, if you know of any other good press release sites that feature in Google News and Google search please leave them in the comments below.

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