5 Effective Keyword Research Tools

In actual fact there is probably only one main tool you need to know about! This one tool probably has more data behind-the-scenes than all the other tools put together, you may have guessed what we’re talking about by now if not no worries keep reading.



What is keyword research

In its simplest form keyword research is simply finding out what your customers type into Google to find what they want.  Notice I said ‘your customers’ and ‘find what they want’ even though a keyword may have a high search volume doesn’t mean that your customers are using it.

And you know keywords can determine your customer persona?  Yes that may sound complicated but it’s true, we haven’t got time to go into customer personas in this article but the main thing is you need to get into the mind of your customer and understand what they want and how they want it.



Why you should do keyword research

If you have ever had the experience of searching for a product or service and finding it very difficult to find what you are looking for that because someone hasn’t done their keyword research!

You will find that different customers will use different keywords to describe things, if you aren’t using them in your content you don’t stand much chance of being found.



How you should do keyword research

You should start with content not keywords, Google is so clever now that despite keywords it can still work out what the text is probably about.


Here we disclosed the one tool you should be using, if you didn’t know it already it is Google Keyword Planner, you will hear lots of negative talk about this tool and many SEOs believe that the data is not very accurate, one thing you can be sure of they have a lot more information than all the other tools put together.  Remember it is hooked into Google’s database!

Once you have thought of your topic, think what key phrase you are going to use.

Next pop it into Google Keyword Tool, you may need to have a few goes before you find the phrase you want.

Once you have decided then write your article.



5 other keyword tools you may want to consider


Since you came to this article looking for a list of five tools that you may want to consider, we have listed a few more good ones below.


Moz Keyword Explorer


Wordstream Keyword Tool

Cognitiveseo Keyword Tool



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